Official release 1st of June 2012

Snowflower - ”playful & moving light”

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Enfolding the light and lightness of a crisp and blue skied winter day, is the subtle playfulness of the Snowflower hovering like a delicate, super-sized bud of snow – an elusive fairytale that you want to catch... The Snowflower is drawn with the brushes of light and shade, creating a vibrant translucent pattern, like rays of sun, breezing through a leafy crown. The final touch of gravity performs perfect curvatures on the slender design of Mencke & Vagnby.

Snowflower is not a typical static lamp, as the numerous lightweight petals move slightly in a breeze or when touched. Snowflower is a self-assembly lamp, and comes flat packed in a box. The box, measuring a mere 29x19x6cm, minimizes both price and CO2 emission during transportation. When assembled, Snowflower is 62cm wide and 44cm high.


ShapingYourDay is a brand new brand, created by Mencke & Vagnby, and the first creation is the pendant Snowflower. Sustainability and lasting design that moves you are the key features “shaping your day”. With a focus on simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian design traditions, the founders Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby have always had an international approach, making their impact around the globe.



Snowflower is a self assembly lamp, which is assembled solely by clicking it together; no screws or glue necessary! See how in this step-by-step video: